A peek at letters we've received.

The Goodfellow Fund receives numerous letters during the holiday season, and throughout the year, from a parents and families seeking our assistance. These letters are written by area residents of varied backgrounds and one plea in common -- please help me provide for my children. Here is a sampling of excerpts taken from letters to The Goodfellow Fund. We share these with you with the hope that you too will help support our efforts through your time as a volunteer or through your donation.


A. B. -- Recently unemployed

Upon recently becoming unemployed and being in an automobile accident that left A.B. permanently disabled, she wrote . . . "I will never be able to go back to teaching young children as I have been doing for the last 17 years. I have three children and they are having a hard time dealing with the changes of my misfortune. We are barely making it and if it wasn't for the help of some friends, we would be living on the streets or in a shelter. I am doing everything I can to support them (children) but the holidays are going to be miserable for them if I can not put a little something under the tree for them."


A.W. -- Arlington

Mother of four writes . . . "It is hard for me to accept that I do need help sometimes, but I can say I have never felt judged by anyone at Goodfellows. It is refreshing to see that God's love is still alive. There are still people who accept and want to help you despite of the mistakes and misjudgments you have made in your life."


K.W. -- Works part-time; unemployed husband

In a handwritten note this mother writes "We have no more in savings and unemployment has run out . . . we are about to lose our house and are trying to find another place to live. Christmas for our children is looking very thin. . . . Any help that your organization can give will be greatly appreciated."


S.F. -- Euless

In July an anxious mother writes ". . . I have been unemployed for seven months. My child is disabled. I would like to give him one or two items for Christmas. This is why I am writing to see when you all start this year."


H.O. -- Arlington

After losing all their family's belongs, a mother and father write ". . . so we don't have any clothes for them (children) for winter. We hardly can afford to buy clothes now with my husband's unemployment and he hasn't found a job. I'm scared cause winter's coming (and) they don't have jackets and tennis shows to cover the cold."


C.W. -- Fort Worth

A grandmother who is raising her grandson writes ". . . I am 64 and on social security disability . . . struggle monthly for grandson and myself. Without your help he won't have a Christmas again which breaks my heart. Please, any help that you can give for him will be greatly appreciated."


I.M. -- divorced mother of four children

In a short letter a single mother writes "I am currently unemployed . . . so please, your help for a good winter coat and a new pair of shoes for my children would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless."


M.J. -- young girl in Fort Worth

A young girl begins her letter to The Goodfellow Fund with "Dear Santa . . . I know that theres people out there who can make my dreams and other childrens dreams come true . . ." as she asked for assistance.


Anonymous in Fort Worth

A handwritten message on a Post-It Note® read "It's not much, but me and my Mom would like to help." The message was attached to a donation of two one-dollar bills.

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